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Captavi Platform Overview

An Affordable, SaaS Multi-Channel CMS Platform for Online & Mobile Digital Marketing

Think of the Captavi Platform as your Digital Marketing Swiss Army Knife.  One fully-integrated platform, five online and mobile marketing applications that includes:

Platform Dashboard

Control - monitor - measure: all from one platform.
  • One Click to All Platform Applications.  No confusing "trees" of folders, hunting for the right page, template or image. All of the Captavi Platform applications can be accessed from the Dashboard.
  • Server Analytics Log.  At-a-glance graph of daily website traffic and a link to the full overview of web log stats which includes: SEO keyword and keyphrase traffic analytics, reciprocal link traffic, daily unique and cumulative traffic, and so much more. 
  • Event Registration Statistics.  At-a-glance view of number of registered attendees by event, one-click view of registered attendee roster, and one-click list of custom event reports.
  • CRM Growth Status. At-a-glance number of new contacts added to the contact database by the last 7 days and last 30 days.
  • Support Ticket System.  Easy access to submit a support ticket, check support ticket status, and access online video tutorials.

Multi-Channel Web and Mobile Content Management System (CMS + MCMS)

Delivers responsive design and content for your website, mobile app-like site, landing pages, microsites, portals, and Intranet sites; all from one platform.
  • WYSIWYG Content Editor for Website and Mobile Pages.  Select page template by pull-down menu and preview pre-published page.
  • Security and Content Change Log.  Hierarchical login rights assigned by custom content management role.  Time-stamped change log by user for each page of content. Create content in draft mode and circulate draft-mode link for approval, prior to publishing live.
  • Integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM).  Web-optimized assets to be used across all channels. Logos, PDFs, images, etc.
  • Localized Content by Template or International Domain. Create content and images by audience.  Over 26 UTF-8 languages supported.
  • SEO Management Tools.  Manage your SEO strategic action plan with Meta title, keyword, and description management site-wide or by page.  Rank priority of content importance and frequency of updates.
  • Aggregated RSS Blog with Social Commenting. Keep your website and mobile traffic focused on your message.  All site content is aggregated, increasing traffic retention.
  • Integrated Google Location Map. Accepts custom icons to designate location (e.g., delivery depot, corporate office, regional office, construction site, detour.  Accepts Google Map overlays.  Include location descriptions and custom location forms.  Sort locations by type (e.g., region, service, product).

Email Marketing System

Create traditional or responsive email templates, with personalized content tags, place digital assets from the manage, create database queries and email distribution lists: all from one platform.
  • WYSIWYG Content Editor for Email Template Creation.  Use the same interface that you create web and mobile pages to create email templates and update content.
  • Personalization Tags.  Personalize your emails with name, event name, company name, etc.
  • Track Website, Mobile Site and Email Analytics in Your Google Analytics Dashboard.  Email link click-throughs, website and mobile page click-throughs, blocked, bounced, and undeliverable emails.
  • Pre-Schedule Email Delivery. Create email flights by message and schedule each email campaign by delivery date.
  • Attach PDFs to Your Email Blast.  You can attach up to three PDF attachments, including: event packets, price lists, product flyers . . . you name it.

Online Event Registration and Attendee Management System

Manage the creation of an event, website event feed, mobile app event feed, and attendee management: all from one platform.
  • Create Event Details from One, On-Screen Form.  Input event details (location, dates, cost (free or paid), public or private, display and registration start and end, etc. and the event automatically feeds to your multi-channel destinations (website, mobile site, kiosks, microsites, landing pages, etc.).
  • Manage Invitation-Only Registration Lists.  Open and close events or sessions by group.
  • Create Custom Attendee Reports.  Create an unlimited number of custom reports and export to Excel to share with your event stakeholders.
  • Provide On-Site Registration by Tablet or Registration Desk. Allow for tablet-based self registration or control registration by administrator.
  • Publish Event Microsites.  Each event can be created as an event microsite with a unique URL with custom headers (can be used for event banners) and custom footers (can be used for sponsor logos).

Contact Relationship Management (CRM) System

Manage your marketing contacts and leads for your digital marketing programs.  Fully-integrated with your multiple marketing channels. 
  • Responses to Web and Mobile Inquiry Forms Directly Import to the CRM.  Contact information is kept complete and accurate, no importing or exporting of lead information.
  • Automatic Email Distribution of Form Submissions.  Not a minute is lost with distribution of form information, form information is sent to an email address or email alias for distribution.
  • Query All Data Fields.  Every data field (contact information, event registration data, profile questions, can be queried and saved or saved as an email distribution list.
  • Import and Export Data via CSV Files.  Data sets can be mapped for importing or exporting, for example business card scans from your sales team.
  • Built-In Services API.  Captavi Platform Services API allows for rapid custom integration with aspects of the Captavi Platform to third-party CRMs, including and MS Dynamics CRM.

SaaS Model Provides Lower Cost of Ownership and 24/7 Monitoring

  • Easy-to-use
  • No hardware cost
  • No annual software maintenance fees
Your website and mobile app-like site is securely located in a tier-one data center in a low-risk area for natural disasters. In addition, your Captavi Platform subscription includes a data back-up schedule with a redundant copy sent to another tier-one data center. Software maintenance, including upgrades and patches, are included in your subscription.

You Are No Longer Creating Just a Website, You Are Creating an Online Presence - Next Generation Content Management System (CMS)

An article published by Reuters on the subject of Web Content Management (WCM) on August 27, 2010, stated:

"While most organizations have historically viewed their websites as places to post static content about their business, such organizations are increasingly considering their online presence as the chief conduit to potential customers and investors."

As a result, WCM vendors . . . are adding more features to their Web-oriented content management software in order to accommodate this greater desired intimacy.

Captavi Platform addresses next generation web content management requirements with integrated delivery of content to mobile devices, digital asset management, online community building, content sharing with social bookmarking and so much more.

Designed to follow with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s philosophy of "less is more” the Captavi Platform drastically simplifies marketing processes by reducing the number of steps to produce 10X the results.

Proven Marketing Benefits

  • Launch time-sensitive marketing campaigns 10X faster.
  • Eliminate the need to export data to a third-party application for email marketing with integrated management of contact profile data.
  • Deliver relevant, personalized content to your target audience with sophisticated segmentation using profile-rich contact information and historical interaction.
  • Increase opt-in retention rates with personalized dialogue.
  • Report true effectiveness and ROI of marketing campaign response with page-specific hit counters.
  • Fast track low-cost mobile content and mobile app roll out.
  • Offer viral marketing and social sharing of all public website and mobile content with over 245 social bookmarking icons, including: Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, reddit, and LinkedIn – plus "Email This Page”.
  • Experience higher organic search engine rankings, web awareness with the Captavi 360° search engine optimization (SEO) tools and indexing algorithm.
  • Support more than 26 languages from a single website, Landing Page or mobile environment.
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