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Nice to Meet You!

An Introduction to Captavi

The Meaning of Captavi

One of the first things we are asked about is meaning behind the word "Captavi". By the way, you pronounce it "cap-ta-ve".  Well, it is an old Latin verb in first person which, in general terms, means "I Hunted and Captured". It was often used in times of battle and written on the walls of cities. We thought that was appropriate when we envisioned helping marketing teams do just that - finding leads and helping the sales team close deals. 

Our Purpose

We have never had a mission or vision statement. We have more of a purpose and that is to help make it easier for marketers and their internal and external clients to increase response rates, build web traffic, and most importantly generate more qualified sales leads.

The Technology

We strive to deliver modern software that is fun and easy-to-use. To that point, you don't have to be certified to use the Captavi Platform or feel like you have to have a Masters in Digital Marketing. Instead, you should be able to use our easy-to-love platform on a daily basis.


More About Captavi

To learn more about us, from other sources - check out the following links:

Core Team

Susan Farrell

Co-Founder, President + CEO

The first decade of her career focused on senior account management for Ogilvy & Mather and Fogarty & Klein (FKM); providing strategic direction and account support for high-tech, biotechnology, and business-to-consumer companies including Compaq, BusinessLand, ComputerCraft, and The Woodlands residential and commercial developments. Then spent years in senior and executive marketing and sales leadership for technology companies Petroleum Information (IHS Energy), Halliburton, Silicon Graphics (SGI), Paradigm Geophysical, and NEON Systems. Served on many boards including the AMA-Houston, IABC, AAF-Houston, and Operation Rainbow. Recipient of more than 50 marketing awards of excellence.

David Scott Farrell

Co-Founder, CTO

David is focused on delivering innovative, creative, high-impact, high-ROI marketing communications programs. His marketing-led technology approach revolves around creating integrated, continuous and two-way communications to establish customer loyalty. To accomplish this vision he founded the Captavi Software division where he serves as the Chief Technology Officer focused on research, Captavi Platform product technology development, website architecture, user experience, SEO technology-driven strategies, customer support and training. His approach to the architecture of solutions breaks the traditional methodologies of software development and has become a thought leader in enabling marketing processes through intuitive technologies.

Louis Whittington

Lead Developer and Support

Louis has almost a decade of experience in PHP, HTML, JS, CSS. His primary roles revolve around: new feature development, user experience improvements, software technical documentation, implementation services, customer support, and customer training for web, mobile, and SaaS software solutions. Prior to Captavi, Louis co-founded and ran a marketing/branding/web design firm and was Webmaster for The University of Southern Mississippi. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, and a Masters Degree in Economics from The University of Southern Mississippi. 

Nitin Tutlani

Lead Programmer

Nitin has led the development of the Captavi Platform, since its origin in 2005. At Captavi, Nitin is responsible for the programming, testing, general availability deployment, and code leadership of the Captavi Platform. Nitin was also instrumentation in the development of the Captavi Platform Services API for integration to third-party applications including Microsoft Exchange, Google Analytics, Google Maps, and MySQL systems. Prior to joining Captavi, Nitin developed third-party SQL tools for ApexSQL, L.L.C. Nitin holds a Masters in IT from the Punjab Technical University, Post Graduate Diploma in IT from the Sikkim Manipal University, and BSc(H) from the Delhi University.


Advisory Council

Jeff Westenhaver

Data Scientist - Marketing Analytics Emphasis

Jeff is a solutions-driven data scientist with 20+ years of progressive sales and marketing experience, plus broad customer experience in IT.  He received his Master of Science in Analytics from Texas A&M University and earned the Roland H. Acra Master of Science in Analytics Award in recognition of producing the most outstanding Masters project in Analytics. His interests in analytics are in unstructured / text analytics and marketing analytics, and provide data analytics and database services for clients. He is working with the Captavi R&D team in advising how to "connect the dots" of applied data science for the common Captavi Platform subscriber . . . basically putting it into tangible, no-nonsense practical use of big data for marketers.

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