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Posted by: Poster Avatar Captavi Support   |    04/21/2017 09:59 AM    |    Categorized under:  Captavi Support Tips

How To Start The Go Live Process

This post assumes that you have completed your internal testing phase and are satisfied with the front-end of your website built on the Captavi Platform. At this point, it is time to update something called DNS records.

Let's stop right here. If you do not know what DNS records are and you do not care to find out what DNS records are. You do not have to continue reading this post. Reach out to your contact at Captavi or submit a Captavi Support Ticket. A member of our team will be happy to complete this process on your behalf.

Most commonly your domain provider will house something called a Name Server as a free service for purchasing a domain name through their company. You may also engage a 3rd party name server provider in this process. Name server companies can provide your business with an extra layer of redundancy and security. If you would like to learn about our preferred 3rd party name server vendors. Reach out to a member of our sales team for help getting started.

You'll need to submit a support ticket at this point prior to updating DNS entries. This will be a ticket notifying Captavi of the timeframe you plan to go live. It can take from 4-48 hours for DNS entries to propagate across the internet to all backbone providers. A member of Captavi must be aware of your go live process in order to install your provided SSL certificate at the time of propagation. 

Over the next several steps we are going to be updating the DNS entries. The exact steps of this process may vary depending on the name server/domain provider. In general, you are looking for Host Records, Record Types, and Address fields. The names may vary slightly.

The first entry we need to create is your "A" record or your base/all traffic record:

 Host  Type  Address
 @  A  Test Site IP Address (ex:

Next, we will need a record set up for email marketing. This email will help provide open and click statistics for your emails:


Host  Type  Address
 tracking  CNAME


Once both of these records have been completed. Be certain to send a screenshot update on your Captavi Support ticket. This screenshot should include all DNS records for the domain as well as the date/time in the system tray. A member of our team will do their best to install your SSL certificate as early as possible and ensure that your site is ready for HTTPS delivery of content.

These are the steps required to go live with Captavi Platform. If you would like to take your installation further by performing best practices related to email marketing procedures please see the following post which covers the topic in more detail: