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Free MarTech TCO Calculator
Posted by: Poster Avatar Susan Farrell @susan_a_farrell    |    09/08/2017 07:30 AM    |    Categorized under:  Marketing AutomationMarketing Technology TCOTime-Saving Marketing Tips

Is Your Marketing IT Stack Costing Too Much? 

As a self-proclaimed "growth hacker" my colleagues are always giving me a hard time. Not only do I love technology, but I also love putting different functionality together to get a best-of-breed solution. Sometimes, though, what I end up with is a bit of a monster. So you build so many integrations and spokes from your original starting point, that keeping up with the updates and individual SaaS subscriptions can be a nightmare.

It is very tempting to let your Marketing Technology Stack get out of control. Just take a look at Scott Brinker's 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape map below:

Scott Brinker 2017 MarTech Landscape


Knowing that there is not a silver bullet out there, the ability to integrate with third-party applications is not only necessary - but critical. 

Just as a side note, the Captavi Platform has been on his map under "Marketing Automation & Campaign/Lead Management" (second column, second to last box, upper right corner) for several years.


We have created an easy-to-use, Free Marketing Technology TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Calculator.

The purpose of this calculator is to evaluate how much cost is buried under the hacks - and, you may not be even getting all of the functionality you need and want.

So, take a couple of minutes and plug in your current fees below (or proposed pricing - if you are evaluating new marketing technologies). You might find that going with an all-in-one digital marketing system, like the Captavi Platform will make the best sense for your organization.


Concerned about the migration process? In most cases, the migration is very straight-forward.


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