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PRESS RELEASE: Captavi Named Top 10 Marketing Automation Solution Provider 2017
Posted by: Poster Avatar Press Release   |    10/04/2017 11:00 AM    |    Categorized under:  Marketing Automation

Captavi Platform Top 10 Marketing Automation Platform

Captavi has been selected as a Top 10 Marketing Automation Solution Provider 2017 by Marketing Tech Outlook magazine.

A distinguished panel comprising of experts, professionals, and technology leaders including board members of Marketing Tech Outlook has decided and included Captavi in the list of "Top 10 Marketing Automation Solution Providers 2017.”

"We are delighted to announce that Captavi is one of the top 10 marketing automation solution providers, based on our evaluation that Captavi is a leader in five key factors: affordability, simple-to-use, modern drag and drop user experience, native integration with leading marketing tools, including Google Analytics, and their world-class consultative end user support,” said Debra Morgan, Managing Editor of Marketing Tech Outlook magazine.

The Captavi Platform offers a user-friendly solution to automate a gamut of marketing tasks. The holistic Captavi Platform ushers small, mid-market, and large businesses to the era of simplicity by underpinning the execution of digital marketing activities and resolving intricacies in inbound and outbound marketing via their SaaS all-in-one, integrated online marketing automation platform.

Captavi helps companies cross the great divide between casual online solution researchers to loyal customers by converting leads and referrals with ongoing personalized dialogue and value-based information delivery across multiple channels. Their subscribers report a measurable increase in contact relationship retention and loyalty, automating marketing campaigns that allow them to roll out marketing initiatives 10X faster, achieve higher ROI, and inbound marketing response rates. The ROI, related to the use of the Captavi Platform, is higher than average due to their cost-effective pricing model of offering a complete marketing technology stack in every edtion. Read the full story.

About Captavi

Captavi is a privately held company headquartered in Sugar Land, TX (Houston area). Captavi is focused on providing marketing technology that is easy-to-use and rapidly produces results in the form of increased marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs). The Captavi Platform is a fully-integrated SaaS, all-in-one digital marketing automation platform that includes a Marketing CRM with sophisticated segmentation capabilities, Online Event Registration System, Drag and Drop Email Marketing and Behavior Tracking Analytics, SEO Management, Social Media Content Sharing, Auto-Detect Mobile HTML5 Web Builder, Drag and Drop Landing Page and Form Builder, Drag and Drop Website Builder, Drag and Drop Mobile and Web Content Management System (CMS) for Multi-Channel Digital Experiences, and native Google Analytics integration. For more info, visit: or request a demo: .

About Marketing Tech Outlook

Marketing Tech Outlook is a technology magazine based in Fremont, California. It acts as an excellent platform for the high-level executives across the world to share their views on the trending technologies that helps businesses to address the challenges and remain competitive. To learn more, please visit: .


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