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5 Ways to Reach 100% eMail Deliverability
Posted by: Poster Avatar Susan Farrell @susan_a_farrell    |    06/29/2017 04:13 PM    |    Categorized under:  Email MarketingMarketing AutomationPersonasTime-Saving Marketing Tips

If you are struggling with email deliverability, less than 100% this blog will help you achieve your goal of getting your email message to right person. 

1 - Keep Your CRM Clean.

A "550” SMTP reply message means that the mailbox does not exist. There errors should receive your top priority attention for cleanup. So, knowing the detailed reason for the failure is important to keep your database accurate.

INFOGRAPHIC | Email Deliver Error Codes

Email Delivery Error Codes

If you don’t clean up the data, after sending an email to the same, uncorrected email address two times your deliverability can decrease because multiple failed attempts are considered a flag for spamming. 

If the contact is classified as an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) or an SQL (Sales Qualified Lead), you will want to coordinate with the contact owner in marketing or sales to see if they can reach the individual by phone, via Direct Twitter Message, or LinkedIn Message for updated email information. In some cases, it could be as simple as a misspelling of the email address.

Each Failed Email Address Is Hyperlinked to the Captavi Marketing CRM. Since you are armed with this detailed information (versus just lumped into a folder of "fail” or "bounce” lists), you can scrub the bad data.


2 - Be Relevant.

You’re not a robot and neither is your contact. Email communication should be personalized and pertain to your contact’s specific interest. There is nothing more annoying than to receive mindless, automated daily blasting of emails.  Marketing Automation gives you the tools to micro-target based on account or individual needs. Unfortunately, we see too many examples of email blasts that are self-serving and ignore the needs of the contact. By focusing the content honed in on the individual, your approach will help ensure a good digital reputation, and in-turn, amazing delivery rates.

Utilize the profile information that your contact has been kind enough to share with you. The worst thing that you can do is ignore it. Query the Captavi Platform CRM by persona characteristics, then provide information to help them be successful in their career. An occasional promotional email is OK, but the ratio of educational to promotional should be about 5 to 1.

3 - Steer Clear of Spam Flags.

Email compliance systems scan email sender address, email to address, subject line, and message content before it passes the deliverability test. Become familiar with common flags and avoid them, like using all caps or the words FREE in your subject line.

Click Here for a great reference to common spam flags from the FTC to align with CAN-SPAM Compliance.

We have also created an infographic for fast reference that you can save to Pinterest or clip to Evernote, as well as share with colleagues.

INFOGRAPHIC | 10 Email Spam Triggers to Avoid 

10 Email Spam Triggers

4 - Make It Easy to Unsubscribe.

All email campaigns sent via the Captavi Platform has an auto-generated CAN-SPAM compliant footer with an unsubscribe link.

The inability to update addressee contact information or unsubscribe safely will often put an email recipient into a situation to classify the email as "junk”, or worse the dreaded mark of "block the sender” or "spam”.

This can be exasperated with systems like Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail that allow you to casually mark unwanted email as "spam” - even if the email recipient originally opted into the email distribution list.

Yahoo Mail Mark Email as Spam

If you believe an email recipient accidently marked the email as spam, opted-out/unsubscribed from your mail list, ask your sales team to follow up with those individuals and provide another opportunity to opt-back into your mailing list with a 1-to-1 email that includes an opt-in link.

You might be amazed, especially if it is a Yahoo Mail or AOL email address, how many individuals mark an email as spam thinking they were just unsubscribing to an email list.

5 - Too Many Emails = "Bye-Bye".

Put yourself in your contact’s shoes. How many times have you subscribed to email and before you could blink an eye you started to receive emails from them almost every day? So, what do you do? Unsubscribe. Your contact is no different. Remember, people do business with people - not companies. If you feel like the privilege of a subscription is being exploited you back away.

So, make sure that the email campaign that you are about to send is relevant and not too frequent.

Need Some Personal Guidance?
Contact the Captavi Platform Support Team if you see deliverability going down. We are an extended part of your team, so submit a support ticket via your dashboard so we can help uncover some of the reasons you are not experiencing 100% deliverability. We’re the experts, so you don’t have to be.

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