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Captavi Platform v5.1 Release Notes
Posted by: Poster Avatar Captavi Support   |    12/12/2017 07:30 AM    |    Categorized under:  Captavi Release NotesCaptavi Support Tips

Captavi Platform v5.1 Release Notes | December 11, 2017 

New Optional Platform Tool:

  • Products and Catalog Tool

New Features:


    •  6 new analytic dashboards have been added to the Analytics tool
      • Email Marketing
      • Organic Search
      • SEO
      • Site Performance
      • Social Media
      • Site Search
    • Improved printing of Analytics dashboards (Save the trees!)
Email Marketing:
    • Preview email in the Email Marketing tool on three screen sizes such as: desktop, tablet, phone
    • Emails create their own permanent page on your site. Creating a newsletter archive has never been easier.
    • Save any email you create as a template in the email template tool
    • Code processing to help reduce issues related to relative link usage in images instead of absolute links
    • The visual building areas and bands can now be scrolled via the mouse scroll wheel or touchpad.
    • Simple color/font editor added to the top right corner of the email tool to easily adjust all elements of the email in one place.
    • The text editor for emails has been greatly simplified to streamline the editing process.
    • Preheaders have been made easily accessible for client use
    • Simple and Advanced views of the email tool now exists to reduce clutter. (Looking for a field that is missing from the simple view? Just click the advanced view link at the bottom of the edit email screen.)
    • 3 new default email templates included

Web and Mobile Pages:

    • Drag/Drop visual page creator has been extended to mobile pages
    • Copy content directly from one page to another in the visual page editing tool
    • On page video help system has been released with an initial set of videos
    • The visual building areas and bands can now be scrolled via the mouse scroll wheel or touchpad.

 Patched Issues:

  • Resolved an issue where on very rare occasions the visual email builder would leave a green box in the editor window when editing an email.
  • Prevented the submit button from being blank when copying/creating a new form. Default value of Submit added.
  • Improved displaying of the social media analytics on the dashboard screen.
  • Fixed the order of latitude and longitude tool tips to provide a more cohesive description of their respective fields.