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Captavi Platform v5.2 Release Notes
Posted by: Poster Avatar Captavi Support   |    05/25/2018 07:30 AM    |    Categorized under:  Captavi Release NotesCaptavi Support Tips

Your Feedback is the Best!

We have integrated our user community suggestions into the
new Captavi Platform v5.2 product update.


  • Feature: "Request Personal Data Removal" for your clients has been added to the Edit Profile system. This empowers your clients to login to your site to better understand how their data is being used and stored. It also gives them an opportunity to control what data they are sharing. This type of system will help as more countries embrace user-focused data requirements, like the GDPR.
  • Feature: Explicit consent has now been added to the core code for the Captavi Platform v5.2. Explicit consent allows you to gives individuals control over what cookies and data sharing scripts are being run on their machine, from your Captavi Platform-hosted site.

    This type of system is perfect for European Union GDPR requirements. If you would like help implementing this new feature, just Submit a Support Ticket. A member of the Captavi Support team will be happy to help you get things setup and customized to fit your needs.

    Captavi Platform | GDPR Consent

Marketing Automation and CRM

Marketing Automation + Drip Email

  • Feature: The email visual editor helps users create absolute urls (the exact domain you specify).
  • Feature: Choose a Dynamic or Static List from the Query Tool. What is the difference? Well, if you were to create a Dynamic List, any new contact with the criteria for the list is added to your CRM - that contact is automatically added. Cool, right? A Static List is created, frozen at the time that it was created, no new contacts will be added. You can now send emails to a dynamic list of customers from any previous query you have already created!
  • Feature: Save an email as a template. Have you created that awesome, perfect email? Make it a template!
  • Feature: Create a Drip Email Series and pause the series with a behavior (example: email 1 sends (no response), email 2 sends (no response), email 3 sends (White Paper is downloaded) - email series is paused, email 4 will not send.
  • Feature: The email creation tool now supports drag and drop calendar items from the Captavi Platform calendar tool. This feature allows recipients to add events directly to their calendar from the email. Don't have it installed on your site? Contact the Support Team to have it added today.
  • Security: The email settings, regarding setup, have been moved for security.


Marketing CRM 

  • Feature: The contact overview page now has a few handy charts to visually convey the progress being made adding new leads/contacts per week, per month, and over the year.
  • Feature: Click to view contact in LinkedIn.

Send a Lead Directly to Your Sales CRM

  • Feature: Web-To-Lead process has now been automated. The ability to directly import contacts from a specific Landing Page created in the Captavi Platform into various other Sales CRM systems (i.e., Pipedrive, Salesforce CRM, HubSpot CRM) is now quickly configurable in the Notification Email tab in the Landing Pages tool. It can be setup once from the Site Settings page then used on any Landing Page form.


Drag and Drop Web Builder 

Drag and Drop Visual Web Builder

  • Feature: The Web Pages tool now includes its own built in QR code system. Need a QR code for a page? Just hover over the View options while on the pages list.
  • Feature: Legacy Pages can be upgraded into the Captavi Platform Visual Editor tool. This will allow live client sites that were not created originally for Captavi Platform Visual Editor to progressively upgrade their site to a Visual Editor version, all without any downtime!
  • Feature: SSL site upgrades are now available. Clients who did not opt for SSL sites (https//) during the setup process, now have a simple path to upgrade. Please submit a Support Ticket for help getting your site additional security and bonus SEO points from Google!

Third-Party Development Partner Tools

  • Developers! We have not forgotten about you. The BLOCS visual web design app for UX/UI designers is now compatible with any Captavi Platform v5.0 version site!
  • The Captavi Platform SDK has been updated to v5.2.

Drag and Drop Blog Posts, News Posts, and Article Creation

  • Feature: The way-cool Captavi Platform drag and drop visual editor is now applied to the Blog, News, and Article creation tools. You can drag and drop all your favorite blocks. Legacy blogs can be upgraded by the Captavi Support Team. Send in a request today to have your blog upgraded!
  • Feature: Modern and clean "card display" of each blog post. Previous Captavi Platform offered only a list view of your blog posts. Now we offer both the list and a card view. Would you like to change over to the card view on your site? Submit a ticket to a Captavi Support Team member who will be happy to swap you over to this new look and feel.
  • Feature: Blog Author Avatars are now available for use in the Captavi Platform Blog tool. Let the world see how good you and your guest bloggers look along side your incredible blog posts!
  • Feature: Preview is now available for blog posts. Would you like to see exactly what your post would looks like, before going live? Use the new Preview option on the blog list page to get a sneak peak of your work.
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