Captavi Platform Pricing

Pick an Edition to Grow with Your Organization

Truly an All-in-One-Platform, Starting at $175/month.

No Crippled Editions - All Fully Functional. Pay for Nothing More Than What You Use.


  • Full Access
  • 5,000 Emails/Month
  • 3,000 Website Visitors/Month
  • 1GB Digital Assets
  • Monthly Subscription 


  • Full Access
  • 10,000 Emails/Month
  • 12,000 Website Visitors/Month
  • 5GB Digital Assets
  • Annual Subscription 


  • Full Access
  • 25,000 Emails/Month
  • 26,000 Website Visitors/Month
  • 10GB Digital Assets
  • Annual Subscription
  • Phone Support


  • Full Access
  • 50,000 Emails/Month
  • 50,000 Website Visitors/Month
  • 20GB Digital Assets
  • Annual Subscription
  • Phone Support


Feature Comparison Chart

  Starter Growth Power Enterprise
 Email Marketing  Up to 5,000 emails/month Up to 10,000 emails/month Up to 25,000 emails/month Up to 50,000 emails/month 
 Extra Email Capacity  $30/month 1,000 emails  $25/month 1,000 emails  $20/month 1,000 emails  $15/month 1,000 emails
 Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Contacts in CRM Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
 List Building
 Contact Segmentation
 Email Testing
 Response Tracking
 Auto Link Tracking via Google Analytics
 Event Registration + Reporting
 Integrates with or PayPal
 Social Sharing of Content
 Blog with Auto-Integrated Social Sharing Icons
 Blog Content - Pre-set Publish Date
 Landing Pages, Website, Portals, Microsites
 Set Responsive Content - Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
 Link or Separate Content - Website to Mobile App
 Social Media Marketing
 Website, Portals, Microsites Hosting  Up to 3,000 visitors/month Up to 12,000 visitors/month   Up to 26,000 visitors/month Up to 50,000 visitors/month 
 Web Content Management System (CMS)
 Extra Sub-Domains
 SEO Tag Management
 HTML5 Mobile Web App CMS
 Shared Digital Asset Manager  Up to 1GB assets  Up to 5GB assets  Up to 10GB assets  Up to 20GB assets
 Contacts in CRM  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Lookup Contact in LinkedIn
 Sales Role Type
 Timestamped Contact Notes
 AutoSync Sales Lead Email + CRM Lead Input
 Create Sales Stage Email Templates
 Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration  Setup Fee  Setup Fee
Software Support Incidence Only Incidence + Technical Use Incidence + Technical Use Incidence + Technical Use
Support Type  Online support ticket  Online support ticket  Online support ticket + Phone Online support ticket + Phone 
Software Onboarding Training  2 hours online  2 hours online  4 hours online  4 hours online 
Software Web Developer Training   2 hours online  2 hours online 
Consultative End User Support 
Assigned, Priority, and Premium Support Plans   Request Quote Request Quote 
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